Upfront time to tell you a story. Backup in the sky, that´s where they found the body dead. Took over the roof, jumped into the wall, broke her neck. Ain’t find throwitugh the window for so long. Ain’t no for a bate. Take control. You just raised your day time to move on yet. In the mirror. In the mirror. In the mirror. Oh lord, the time come. To tell a story to the world. Ain’t dream them, take over the damned control. Why? The way I got is what she and we be not. I looking through the skies. See the windows in her eyes. You know it´s tim eto take the control after intro go-go. Tough! After intro go-go. Dead? though! 2-6-1. Check to move the butt alert.


Just where you are right now
That´s where i wanna be
No better place for me
Or nothing i could see
Just turn the engine on
Push hard so i can feel
Push hard and so much harder
So where you wanna be?
That´s where i need to see
The bottom of the ground
To gain infinity…


Big bags they got sticks in it – running to the lights want to quit this shit – they’re coming but they feel some is different – they are dropping all their weapons and get kicked with it – sickest shit couldn’t hear one – single click – They were beaten by an Alien ridiculous trick –  They are Looking Like a mixture of Egyptian and squid – With a big ship which equipped really thick – Heads Look like a dick – Deadly knife teeth looking really sick – Cooking peoples legs like chicken sticks – Eating peoples heads like little bits – Think This the worst – There is even sicker shit – Some kind a wicked trick – But it goes rikitik – Right into your Brain and you think over again – Get out the Bus get out the car – Get out the Club get out the bar – Get out the Building get out the line – They are coming for your feelings they are coming for your time – Everywhere you Go – they will Tell you so and so – On a tvscreen  in a Radioshow – You think you can decide – You dont say – look into the stars – And think they‘re far away – in fact they are here – Right in our brain – that’s what really makes us mad – And Go insane – The Inner contradiction it is like a big gap – Do it all good – but instead you’re geeling bad


I’m here inside watching the chemotree. If I get out I will not loose my faith. Never loose my faith. I feel alive. I feel alive like a phoenix on a rise. Feeling what’s inside and my feeling never hides. I feel it deep inside, I see it in the skies. The feeling never lies. You can see me in the skies. Look me in the eyes i took you be surprise. You too can even fly if you send us good bye. Never ask me why just never to get tie. You’re too clever never die. It’s a never ending try. Go up and tell them why. Tell them how to thrive. I see the white skirts but everywhere I look. Inside it’s minus. Inside it’s minus. I can flash it all away with my passion when I stay. Hej, it makes the testers go away. Every session i don’t pray. It’s my professional mindset I’m okay move. I can make myself to what I gain. So what you’re in for baby let the sun shine. Let it shine again, over and over into your brain. I’m here inside watching the chemotree. If I get out I will not loose my faith.


Feel the sun on your skin
Jump into the fresh water
This is what it feels to be alive
The reflections on the surface of the water
Sitting on a perfectly hot stone
When i ride through the hills
Verbania so good
What a flashback every year
Good to me so good to me

Not my life

There comes the times in our lives where we climb that mountains so high
There comes the times in our lives where we choose and decide
There comes the times in our lives where we go down on our knees pray
There comes the times in our lives where our back’s against the wall

Hej yeah, this is not my life
Just keep on asking me if this was a knife
And if everything that exists reminds me of the things which I can not…


this is not banga banga
this is not benga benga
this is not binga binga
this is not bonga bonga
this is not bunga bunga
this is bingo bongo